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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

The aesthetic dentistry is a dentistry branch that includes all the applications made inside the mouth in order to ensure that the patient attains a better smile .

The key to a beautiful smile is hidden in the harmony of the gums , teeth and lips . We are targeting a personal healthy , natural and beautiful appearance special to the person by considering the irregularitties such as color and shape disorders , the patients visibility of the patients face , lip , smile line and gum , and a smile design is being made accordingly .

Each patient’s aesthetic needs and expectations are different . So, in this direction , after general examination , x-ray and some basic procedures , factors such as the patients age , gender , face shape , profession , social status are taken into consideration , an aethetic and functional smile design is made to meet the expectations in the best and most ideal way .

What Are The Aethetic Dentistry Applications ?

♦ Orthodontics

♦ Porcelain Or Composite Lamines

♦ Whitening

♦ Gum Aesthetics

♦ Prothesis , Crowns Bridges ( Metal , Full Ceramic , Zirconium)

♦ Periodontal Aesthetics

♦ Lip Filling And Botox Applications Depending On The Patients Request

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