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What is Oral Implantology?

Oral Implantology is a dental treatment method that involves the use of implants to replace missing teeth. Implants are artificial roots made of titanium that are placed into the jawbone. They function similarly to natural tooth roots and provide an aesthetic smile with porcelain or zirconium crowns placed on top. Oral Implantology is one of the most effective and long-lasting solutions, both functionally and aesthetically.

Our Oral Implantology Services

Implant Planning: Our expert dentists evaluate your oral structure and dental health to create a personalized implant treatment plan. They consider your needs and expectations and provide you with the most suitable solutions.

Implant Surgery: Our experienced surgical team carefully places titanium implants into your jawbone. Using modern surgical techniques, they ensure minimal pain and discomfort, as well as a fast recovery process.

Temporary and Permanent Prosthesis Applications: After the implants are placed, temporary prostheses can be attached, providing both stability to the implants and an aesthetic smile. Once the healing is complete, permanent porcelain or zirconium crowns are placed.

Implant Maintenance and Support: Regular check-ups and maintenance are crucial for maintaining the health and durability of your implants. Our experts provide you with the necessary information and advice on implant care, supporting you in achieving a long-lasting smile.

Why Choose Asmed Dent?

At Asmed Dent, we are dedicated to providing you with the best Oral Implantology services. Here are some reasons to choose us:

Experienced Team: Our team of expert dentists and surgical specialists has extensive experience and specialization in Oral Implantology. They combine their knowledge and expertise to deliver the best results for you.

Safe and Comfortable Service: Your safety and comfort are our top priorities during the implant treatment process. We provide you with the best service in a clinic equipped with modern technology and methods.

Personalized Approach: Every individual has unique needs. We adopt an individualized approach to offer you personalized solutions. We listen to your needs and tailor the treatment process accordingly.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is important to us. We ensure your satisfaction by providing you with a strong and aesthetic smile, guaranteeing your happiness.